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dark lips correction Online course

Thank you for your interest in Dark Lips Correction  online course with PhiContour Master Suriani Wong of Phi Academy.

Dark lips correction is a lip micropigmentation procedure to neutralise the dark pigmentation of the lips that requires a deep understanding  of the colour theory, pigments, machine, needles as well as shading technique. This procedure is getting popular more than ever because of the beautiful lip colour result that it gives after the procedure. Lip artists can add this specialised technique to compliment their current lip blushing service.

Dark Lips Correction ONLINE COURSE is a perfection (advanced) course intended for lip artists who have prior experience in lip blushing from any beauty academy. In this course you will learn:

  • Lips dermatology.

  • Causes and types of dark lips.

  • Fitzpatrick, dark lips colour theory and pigment knowledge.

  • Machine and needle knowledge.

  • About anaesthetic.

  • Most common mistakes when doing dark lips correction procedure.

  • Preparation and aftercare, healing process and precautions.



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dark lips correction.jpg
dark lips correction.jpg

The online training includes:

  • Professional starter kit for up to 50 services.

  • 3 months online access to Craft Master training platform (extendable).

  • Step by step how to practice on latex and perform Dark Lips Correction technique with countless of detailed pictures and video materials.

  • assignments  to pass and when you complete all the assigments, you will  receive a Dark Lips Correction perfection training logo and certificate from Phi Academy. The time limit to pass these assignments are 3 months. If you have not passed, you can extend the course for Rs 35000/month.

  • Unlimited support from Master Suriani, even after the course!

  • Unlimited support from Dr. Phi on PhiApp.

In addition to this, day online class (5 hours) via Zoom meeting have been designed by Master Suriani to help students understand the theory and the 6 levels of the assignments.

The starter kit will be shipped to students (worldwide shipping is available). The online classes and Craft Master training will start once the starter kit is received.

Course fee: EUR 1500/PKR 525,000.

(Course fee is nett, inclusive all taxes)

Dark Lips Correction Starter Kit:

  • 1 PhiContour Coral Pigment.

  • 1 PhiContour Flame Pigment.

  • 1 PhiContour Activator Pigment.

  • 1 Skin Candy aftercare balm.

  • 1 Drawing pencil red.

  • 1 Phi Marker Pen white.

  • 50pcs Self adhesive pigment container.

  • 50pcs PhiShield Skin Candy.

  • 2 Lips 3D latex.

  • 20pcs PhiWipes Asept.

  • 20pcs PhiWipes aftercare.

dark lips starter.jpg

* SPMU machine is not included in the kit. Students can use their locally purchased SPMU machine  or order directly the Simplicity Artist or Simplicity Master machine from PHISHOP (Phi Academy official store)

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Online course information:
WhatsApp/Viber (text only)
 +92 300 203 3080

Email :
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