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Thank you for your interest in Microneedling PhiBright online course with Master Suriani Wong from Phi Academy.


What is microneedling?

Microneedling is a simple, safe, efficient and minimally invasive procedure by creating micro channels to rejuvenate the skin. These micro channels:

1. Stimulate the production of collagen in the skin.

2. Stimulate the formation of neovascularization.

3. Allows transepidermal application of the products directly into dermis.


The Microneedling basic and Microneedling PhiBright training are the same in terms of technique. The difference lies in the products used for the face treatments.

The PhiBright training includes a detailed explanation of the PhiBright serums, how to use them for treatments, and home care. Bonus lessons have also been added to treat stretch marks, scars, and alopecia.


All beauty trainings from Phi Academy are ISO certified and Swiss accredited. To find out more about Phi Academy, please visit our website

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PhiBright serums

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The online training includes:

  • Professional starter kit* with PhiBright and microneedling serums, before, during treatment and aftercare products.

  • 3 months online access to Craft Master training platform (extendable).

  • Step by step how to perform microneedling treatments for face, body and scalp.

  • 8 levels (homework) to pass and when you pass all 8 levels, you will be certified as a Microneedling PhiBright artist, receive a personalized logo and an internationally acknowledged diploma.

  • You will also be registered on Phi Academy World Map

  • Unlimited support from Master Suriani Wong.

  • Unlimited support from Dr. Phi on PhiApp.

  • Bonus unlimited lectures: Skin Expert and Hygiene.

  • An opportunity to advance in Phi Academy from Artist to Grand Master level.

In addition to this, 1-day online class (5 study hours) via Zoom meeting have been designed by Master Suriani to help students understand the theory part and 8 levels of the homework.

The starter kit will be shipped to students (worldwide shipping is available). The online classes and Craft Master training will start once the starter kit is received.

Course price: EUR 1600 / PKR 400,000.

PhiBright professional starter kit* contains:

  • 1 pc of Body needling gel (5/1).

  • 1 pc of Scars needling gel (5/1).

  • 5 pcs hair growth serum.

  • 1 set PhiBright serums (15/1).

  • 10 pcs after treatment mask.

  • 4 pcs Ultimate Skin Cocktails (5/1).

  • 10 pcs inject roller and syringe.

  • 15 pcs needles.

  • 1 pc Phi Septo 200mL.

  • 1 pc white marker pen.

  • 1 pc PhiFoil Face (100/1).

  • 1 pcs PhiWipes Asept (20/1).

  • 10 pcs sterile empty bottles for aftercare.

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*Dermograph (machine) is not included in the kit. Students can use their locally purchased dermograph or order directly the Simplicity Artist or Simplicity Master dermograph from PHISHOP (Phi Academy official store).

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What you will learn in this training:

  • Introduction to microneedling.

  • All about skin: dermatology, skin aging, skin types, and skin conditions.

  • Indications of the treatment.

  • Efflorescence and contraindications.

  • Hygiene - artist, salon, tools and equipments, methods of desinfecting and sterilizing, disposal of sharp waste.

  • Preparation and aftercare, Phi microneedling product knowledge.

  • How to use PhiBright calculator.

  • How to mix PhiBright serums for treatment and aftercare.

  • 3 microneedling techniques: face, body and scalp.

  • 2 application techniques: micro roller and dermograph.

  • Frequently asked questions.

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