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PhiLips Course

PhiLips course:


Online Course:

This includes  starter kit and 6 months online access on the Craft Master app (Scroll down to see the starter kit).

Student must complete online Level 1 to 9 on the Craft Master within 6 months with the support of the master to graduate without attending live workshop. Paper and latex practice and model work must be sent to the Craft Master app.


If student is unable to finish the online levels, extension fee applies after 6 months.

Only students who finishes level 5 on Craft Master can be accepted in the LIVE WORKSHOP program.

Live Workshop Program:

Students can choose

1) 2 days live workshop with 3 models.

2) 3 days live workshop with 5 models.

What to expect at the end of the course:

  • Ability to perform live PhiLips lip blush treatments independently with confidence.

  • PhiLips Artist certificate and logo from PhiAcademy in Belgrade, Serbia.

  • Ready to work at a clinic or student's own studio.


  • Unlimited online support from the PhiLips Master after the course via WhatsApp.

  • Endorsement of 3 posts of before/after work on Instagram account browworksofficial within 3 months period, made professionally by Brow Works page designer. This is a support to help newly graduates to promote their work.

Location: Brow Works Studio, DHA Phase 5, Karachi.



To register: 

WhatsApp/Viber +92 300 203 3080


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philips starter kit.jpg
Starter Kit contents:
  • 1x Nude Light pigment 10 mL.

  • 1x Flamingo pigment 10 mL.

  • 1x Fuchsia pigment 10mL.

  • 1x Coral pigment 10 mL.

  • 1x Phi Tinner liquid 10 mL.

  • 1x BB Compass.

  • 1x White marker pen.

  • 1x Red pencil.

  • 1x Pink pencil.

  • 3pcs blank latex.

  • 2pcs lips 3D latex.

  • Micro applicator 100pcs.

  • Pigment containers 50pcs.


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Phi Academy Courses by Master Suriani Wong
WhatsApp/Viber (text only)
 +92 300 203 3080

Email :
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