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About brow works

Brow Works is committed to provide the best quality result in semi-permanent makeup, lash extensions, microneedling, and colour removal, using products from Phi Academy, the latest techniques and strict hygiene protocols.

As a Phi Academy Master for several techniques, Brow Works provides internationally acknowledged trainings in: 

  • Microblading.

  • Lips and eyeliner micropigmentation.

  • Lips medical tattoing (for scars).

  • Dark lips neutralisation.

  • Powderbrows.

  • 3D Areola.

  • Microneedling.

These trainings are available live as well as online via Phi Academy's online study platform called Craft Master, which can be downloaded on Google Play or App Store.

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Master Suriani Wong

Started her career in semi-permanent makeup and microneedling in 2016, Master Suriani, who is an Indonesian residing in Karachi, has become the pioneer of the Serbian based international beauty institute and manufacturer, Phi Academy, in Pakistan. She has achieved excellence in the techniques of: PhiBrows, PhiContour, PhiLips, Powderbrows, PhiAreola and Microneedling. She has been appointed Master for Pakistan by this academy for these techniques in just 4 years and is now able to provide Pakistani beauticians with international certifications by Phi Academy. 

As a community service, Master Suriani is well known as a voluteer for Depilex Smileagain Foundation (DSF) burn survivors, for the recontruction of their eyebrows and lips. The highlight of her work for DSF was being able to present the techniques she used on scars at the Phi Masterclass Belgrade in 2018. She has also created her own medical tattooing lip technique for scars called ScarLips, in the hope that this technique can help more people with such conditions gain their confidence back.

At Brow Works, all treatments are done by Master Suriani herself, to ensure the highest standard of work and strict hygiene protocols. 

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