Powderbrows Live Workshop

Powderbrows course consists of 8 levels on the Craft Master Online Education app. Students have the option to attend the live workshop in order to learn these levels or take the Zoom classes (online training).

Live Workshop Program: 2 days.

Timings: 10:00 - 17:00.

Day 1 - Fundamental theories and practice on the latex.

Day 2 - Work on live model.

Craft Master app access after workshop: 6 months.

After 6 months, students who have not finished their levels can extend the access.

Course fee: PKR 395,000.

Craft Master extension fee: PKR 28000/month.

Levels to pass on the Craft Master: 8 Levels and a theory exam. Students must pass all these levels if they want to obtain the PhiBrows Artist certificate and title from Phi Academy.

Location: Brow Works Studio, DHA Phase 5, Karachi.

Number of students: maximum 2 each class (individual or semi-private).


This workshop aims to teach students the fundamentals in powderbrows semi-permanent makeup, practice on the latex and experience how to work in real skin with the Master's close supervision. Master Suriani will also go through each level on the Powderbrows Craft Master levels and teach the students how to pass those levels in order to obtain the international certification from Phi Academy as Powderbrows Artists. Her support will continue after the workshop for the next 6 months during the Craft Master period.

What are included?

  • Professional kit.

  • Student kit.

  • Supplies for treatment on the model.

  • Lunch, coffee/tea break for 2 days.

  • Master's 6 months support on the Craft Master.

  • Certificate of attendance from Phi Academy,


What you will learn in this training:

  • Introduction to eyebrows micropigmentation.

  • Hygiene - artist, salon, tools and equipments, methods of desinfecting and sterilizing, disposal of sharp waste.

  • Dermatology and contraindications.

  • Colour theory - how to choose the right colour, how to perform touch up, colour and their effects, how to do cover up on old permanent makeup.

  • Handpiece guidance and needles.

  • How to design the eyebrows and measure the symmetry.

  • Powderbrows technique: pixels and shading.

  • Preparation and aftercare, Phi product knowledge.

  • How to perform Powderbrows on live models.

  • All about anaesthetic - the different types, contents, effects.

  • Most common mistakes and toubleshooting.

To register: 

WhatsApp/Viber +92 300 203 3080

Email: surianiwong.phimaster@gmail.com

For payment methods, do not hesitate to contact:


+92 300 203 3080