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FAQS (Frequently Asked Questions)

Do any of the treatments hurt?

Each person has different pain threshold. The semi-permanent makeup, removal and microneedling treatments are performed on the superficial layer of the skin called basal layer and in most cases with the application of topical anaesthetic (numbing cream and liquid), clients feel almost no pain. In the case of sensitive skin and low pain threshold, the pain management will be adjusted accordingly by the master. Conditions such as female menstrual cycle or caffeinated beverages also affects the skin sensitivity (more pain might be felt) and therefore, to be avoided when booking for an appointment.

Can everyone have the treatments?

Not everyone can have the treatments. All the treatments have contraindications:

  • Temporary: pregnancy, breast feeding, skin conditions (such as eczema, acne, bruises, scratches, abrasions, sun burn, cold sores), botox/filler (waiting time at least 1 month), skin related medications or topical cream. There is a waiting time for temporary contraindications. Please consult the master.

  • Medical: clients who suffer from any medical conditions or taking regular medications (especially blood thinner or anti-coagulant, chemotheraphy) must consult their doctors and obtain written consent.

  • No treatments: blood related diseases, some autoimmune diseases, keloid prone or on the skin area with keloid, on moles, melanoma.

For lash extensions clients, both eyes and lashes should be in healthy condition. Lash work from other artist will be first removed. Removal and new set charges apply.

All clients will be given a health and consent form to fill up before the treatment when they come for the first time.

Click below to check the health form. If unsure, clients are most welcome to write the master on her WhatsApp or email address before the appointment. This must be done BEFORE depositing the booking fee.

Health Form:

What is the downtime of each treatment and when the touch up or next session should be done?

All semi-permanent makeup treatments (microblading, powderbrows, lips and eyeliners) require 1 week healing time, there will be peeling process of the dried skin layer from the treatments. The colour usually goes darker in the first 2-3 days, then the peeling off will start. During this 1 week, clients can do their normal routines but still following some aftercare and precautions instructed by the master. The aftercare done by the client is very important to ensure a good result. Touch up for eyebrow treatments and eyeliner are done at least after 4 weeks. Touch up for lips is done minimum after 6 weeks and for sensitive lips, 8 weeks. The prices for the new treatments are including 1 free touch up between 4 to 12 weeks. After 12 weeks, the normal touch up rates apply.

Colour removal treatment requires 1 week healing time. There will peeling of the dried skin layer and the colour from the tattoo will gradually become lighter within 4 to 6 weeks. The next session should be done no less than 6 weeks.

Microneedling requires 1 week healing time. In the first 3 days, the skin will be flushed (red) like a moderate sunburn. There will be slight peeling of the dead skin layer. The aftercare must be done according to the master's intructions. The next session can be done after 3 weeks.

Top up for lash extensions should be done every 3 to 4 weeks for maintenance.

Healing Stages:

Can client choose the colour for her eyebrows or lips?

The master will first examine the natural colour of the client's eyebrow hair or lips.


For eyebrows, the colour will be matched exactly to the eyebrow hair, not the hair on the head.


For lips, according to the natural tone of the client's lips, the master will offer some colour selections.


For dark lips, the only available possibility is to neutralize the hyperpigmentation into fresh or healthy pink tone. In this case, the master will select which neutralization colour to be used to achieve the best possible result.

Can client choose the shape for her eyebrows or lips?

The master will first examine the client's facial features and bone structure. The most suitable eyebrows will be then designed for the client according to the Phi Golden Ratio. Some changes can be made as long as they don't fall exteremely out of proportion.

For asymmetrical lips, adjustments will be done maximum 1 mm outside the lip outline. Adjustments more than 1mm should be done with filler treatment at a dermatologist. All lip outline will be done as close as possible to the natural border.

What the pre-treatment instructions for semi-permanent makeup treatments, colour removal and microneedling?

7 Days Before The Appointment:
Discontinue the following (until after the appointment):

  • facial acids: retinols, retinoids, glycolic, any exfoliating acids.

  • multivitamins, vitamins c & e, turmeric, ginger, fish oils (client may continue with iron supplements).

  • antibiotics (please contact the master immediately if currently on antibiotics, 14 day window required between last dose and the appointment).

  • tanning beds.

  • no blood thinning medication from (with doctor's consent).

  • start using lips moisturizer (for lip clients) to avoid chapped lips on the treatment day.

48 Hours Prior To The Appointment:
Discontinue the following (until after the appointment):

  • anti-inflammatories (Advil, ibuprofen, naproxen) . Paracetamol and Tylenol are OK.

  • alcoholic beverages.

Day Of Your Appointment:
Discontinue the following (until after your appointment):

  • CAFFEINE (coffee, DECAF, caffeinated teas, Coke, Diet Coke, chocolate).

  • please lightly exfoliate the brow area the morning of the appointment (eyebrow clients).

  • do a gentle scrub with honey and brown sugar to exfoliate the dead skin on the lips (lip clients).

What are the safety protocols at Brow Works during this COVID-19 pandemic?

Being a semi-permanent makeup studio and working closely with skin, Brow Works has always implemented a strict hygiene protocols (not only during this pandemic). Please be informed that:

  • The studio is being disinfected thoroughly after every client.

  • The treatment bed, work station, light, sofa, door knobs are disinfected after every client.

  • All tools/needles are one time use only (disposable), metal tools are sterilized in high temperature, machine and cable are disinfected after every treatment.

At Brow Works, we request all clients to kindly comply to these safety precautions for their appointments:

  • Reach out at least 48 hours before the appointment if feeling unwell.

  • Come wearing a mask.

  • Upon entering, remove their shoes.

  • Wash their hands as soon as they enter the studio.

  • Come to the appointment alone to eliminate the risk of germs exposure from another person in the room.

  • Delay their appointment if they have just travelled and request a rescheduling to at least 14 days after their arrival. Anything earlier than 14 days will require a COVID-19 test with (-) result.

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