PhiContour Online Training

Thank you for your interest in PhiContour lips and eyeliner micropigmentation online training with PhiContour Master Suriani Wong of Phi Academy.

Micropigmentation is a cosmetic procedure that requires precision, a vast knowledge of skin, a strong understanding of the colour theory and artistic talent. 

In PhiContour, you will be trained how to perform the procedure on the most sensitive parts of our face: eyes and lips, and achieve high quality work using our German pigments and supplies. Our training will ensure that you graduate as a qualified artist of lips and eyeliner, and ready to enter the industry with the level of work required, even internationally.

The Phi Academy is based in Belgrade (Serbia) that operates worldwide though the appointed masters in each country. Phi Academy beauty trainings are ISO certified and Swiss accredited. Our official website is


The online training includes:

  • Professional starter kit* for up to 50 services.

  • 6 months online access to Craft Master training platform (extendable).

  • Step by step how to practice on latex and perform PhiContour lips and eyeliner techniques with countless of detailed pictures and video materials.

  • 12 levels (assignments) to pass and when you pass all 12 levels, you will be certified as a PhiContour artist, receive a personalized logo and an internationally acknowledged diploma. You will also be registered on Phi Academy World Map on (

  • Unlimited support from Master Suriani Wong,

  • Unlimited support from Dr. Phi on PhiApp.

  • Bonus unlimited lectures: Skin Expert and Hygiene.

  • An opportunity to advance in Phi Academy from Artist to Grand Master level.

In addition to this, Zoom classes have been designed by Master Suriani to help students understand the theory part and 12 levels of the assignments on Craft Master. There are 3 classes for PhiContour technique and 4 hours for each class.

The online training price includes worldwide shipping, excludes custom upon receiving the kit at the destination country. The online classes and Craft Master training will start once the starter kit is received.

Course price: EUR 1970 / PKR 455,000.

* Dermograph (machine) is not included in the kit. Students can use their locally purchased dermograph or order directly the Simplicity Artist or Simplicity Master dermograph from (Phi Academy official store)

What you will learn in this training:

  • Introduction to lips and eyeliner micropigmentations.

  • Hygiene - artist, salon, tools and equipments, methods of desinfecting and sterilizing, disposal of sharp waste.

  • Dermatology and contraindications.

  • Colour theory - how to choose the right colour, how to perform touch up, colour and their effects.

  • Handpiece guidance and needles.

  • Lip anatomy, how to design the perfect contour, outline and shading technique basic lips colour correction technique.

  • Eye anatomy, how to design eyeliners which compliment the shape of the eyes, lash enhancement, decorative eyeliners, bottom liners.

  • Stretching techniques.

  • Preparation and aftercare, Phi product knowledge.

  • How to perform lips and eyeliner micropigmentations on live models - videos by PhiContour masters around the world.

  • All about anaesthetic - the different types, contents, effects.

  • Most common mistakes and toubleshooting.

PhiContour Lips and Eyeliner Online Training
PhiContour Lips and Eyeliner Online Training
PhiContour Lips and Eyeliner Online Training
PhiContour Lips and Eyeliner Online Training

For payment methods, do not hesitate to contact:


+92 300 203 3080