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Colour Removal

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Colour Removal is a tattoo removal technique using PhiRemoval extraction liquid. This process does not harm the integrity of the skin, is gentle and has a faster healing process. This colour removal can remove the colours that laser removal cannot, which are red, yellow, green and white (titanium dioxide). Suitable for all kinds of colour removal of permanent makeup and body tattoos. As it is a gentle procedure, the removal of very strong tattoo colours may take more than 1 treatment.

Price of the treatment: PKR 15,000 (1st treatment), PKR 12,500 (2nd treatment),

PKR 10,000 (3rd treatment onwards).

eyebrow colour removal.jpg
eyebrow colour removal.jpg
tattoo colour removal.jpg

To check if you are a candidate for any of these treatments and the healing stages of these treatments, please click on the link below:

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