Craft Master is a state of the art online education platform, created by Phi Academy (Belgrade, Serbia). Think of it as a virtual beauty academy. In this platform: students, artists, technicians, royal artists, senior technicians, master assistants and Masters of Phi Academy from around the world connect, study, and share their work, much like other social media platforms. The course lessons with hundreds of photos and hours of video are also stored in Craft Master and activated by the Master when a student joins that course. This app can be downloaded on Google Play or App Store.

There are levels in the Craft Master, should students want to pursue a career in Phi Academy.


There is a time limit on the Craft Master access to an ongoing course. The access is anywhere between 2 to 6 months, depending on the course. The initial access fee is included in the course fee. This access can be extended but extension fee applies. Bonus courses that come with the main course are unlimited.

In order to obtain an Artist or Technician certification, students must pass the levels on the Craft Master by submitting their work within the time limit. Once the access expires, students will not be able to continue and must extend their course if they want to graduate. When a student passes all their levels on the Craft Master, a notification will be sent directly to Phi Academy in Belgrade and the graduation process will start. The student will receive a logo, registration number, and a spot on the Phi world map ( The original certificate will be mailed directly to them and the status on their Craft Master will change to Artist/Technician.